The Fracture Collection is a series of works that embody the contradictory qualities of rock as being organic yet structural, solid yet fragile. Cleaved bodies of rock create accidental geometries, dictated by structural irregularities. These geometries, repeating angles and volumes are the thread that connects the work. Outcrops of stone protruding through the earth’s crust, or cliffs along roadsides bear witness to the subtle movement of the continents. This guiding principle is expressed in various materials mimicking these traits, throughout the collection.

Fracture Mirror

Made of glass and smashed gypsum cement, the Fracture Mirror references the striations and accidental geometries of sedimentary stone. This statement mirror also nods to the use of plaster in the sculptors atelier, a material who’s use can be traced back to the Egyptians of 7000 B.C. 

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Dolomite Table

Dolomite is a one-of-a-kind sculptural coffee table. Made of bleached ash and cast aluminum, it was inspired by the outcrops of stone in the studio’s environs. The wood parts mimic the seemingly haphazard geometries of fractured sedimentary stone. The ‘lost-foam’ cast aluminum parts were done in Brecht Gander’s studio, and selective polishing celebrates their primitive textures. The table’s aluminum surface is hand polished to a satin finish and its soft sheen provides a hazy reflection. 

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Fracture Table

This 10 foot table is composed of natural quartzite, a natural stone harder than marble, hand polished aluminum and gypsum cement, an extremely hard plaster. The sculptural bases are cast in plaster, with glimpses of polished aluminum reflecting light from the inside of the stone-like masses. The soft free-form quartzite table top is cleaved into two planes, revealing a third polished aluminum plane in between. The three materials dialogue together, referencing various states of manufactured matter. The fully functional sculptural piece offers shifting reflective and physical qualities as one moves around it.

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