is a designer with foundations in fine arts, who lives and works amidst the tranquil seclusion of East-Bolton's woods in southern Quebec, Canada. What emerges from this creative sanctuary is a dialogue that awakens the senses—a dynamic interplay between the manufactured and the elemental. Johns' artistic practice takes shape in the form of exceptional, one-of-a-kind, and limited-edition sculptural furniture and lighting works, heavily inspired by the geology of this environment.

Within the studio ceramics, gypsum cement, metals, and intricately carved wood serve as an artistic lexicon, each imbued with its own geological resonance. Johns and his team manipulate these mediums, coaxing them to engage in a nuanced dance of mimicry, referencing and mirroring one another, as if echoing the millennia-long processes that shapes the layers of sedimentary stone. The outcome of this process is a body of work of carefully crafted objets d’art, that are as functional as they are poetic. Distinct collections of significant objects for interiors, that ignite contemplation—a delicate reckoning with the interplay between the permanence of earth and the transience of our experience.

Awards and Recognition

  • ICFF Editors Award Best Furniture 2022
  • ICFF Editors Award Best New Designer 2021
  • Conseil Des Art et Lettres du Québec, Arts Research Grant 2020
  • SODEC innovation and production grants 2018-2019-2020-2021

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