Diamond Tables

The Diamond Table’s slight angles focus guests around a middle point that can accommodate a centrepiece. The traditional approach to seating guests is deconstructed to encourage more dynamic exchanges between people. The surface plays tribute to approximate geometries with its soft irregular perimeter. The central base is equally asymmetrical, made up of an assembly of soft rectangular columns of different dimensions, congregating, as do the unique individuals around the table. This piece is available in bone white, black, natural white oak, with an all wood base, or wood alternating with accents in bronze, brass patina and hand polished aluminum. 

Single 82 // 82” x 41” x 29”
Double 95 // 95” x 42” x 29”
Single 105 // 105” x 45” x 29”
Single 130 // 130” x 45” x 29”

Solid White Oak in Clear Coat or 
Solid Ash in Bone White, Grey or Black 
with optional Hand Polished Aluminum accents


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