Diamond Sideboard

The Diamond Sideboard plays with different planes. A collection of rectangular columns placed at random angles and depths forms a facade interrupted by two thick horizontal planes of solid wood. This array of volumes serves as doors to a fully functional cabinet, with adjustable shelves. The visual cues associated with doors, regularity in size, handles or hinges, are absent, making this sideboard about volume and presence. This piece is available in bone white, black, natural white oak, with accents in bronze, brass patina and hand polished aluminum. 

46 // 46” x 19” x 17”
62 // 62” x 19” x 17”
82 // 82” x 19” x 17”
98 // 98” x 19” x 17”

Solid White Oak in Clear Coat or Solid Ash in Bone White, Grey or Black 
with Hand Polished Aluminum or Bronze Plated accents


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